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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Changminz iz luking geud ovar thar. *u* Man I love this pic of him sfm. rofl.

Anyway, I didn't attend school today~ Plz do not be asking why. /rolls away/

So anyway, nowadays I do realised that my parents been talking to me about doing well like Yana did. D:
10 points for O's?
IDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Can I make it that good? D:


If you're asking about what kind of course I want to aim for, I just want something that has got to do with Graphic Design shizz, y'know?

But mum's like, don't aim for anything. Just aim to get really low marks. D: Btw, low marks in O levels = better.

Of course I want to do well ; _______; who doesn't?

Dear Junsu, plz be lending me your courage and determination. Kthnx.


1:34 PM