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still searching for the meaning of life.
JYJ & 東方神起
love makes me cry.
there's really nothing much about me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I really am alone aren't I..?


11:49 PM

That feeling when no one gives a fuck about you.
I think if I died right now no one would be even sad about it. Or neither care about it.


11:48 PM

Its not even day 3 yet and I'm just so fucking depressed.
Fuck, I hate being alone.


11:47 PM

You don't know me
you don't even care
you don't know me
you don't wear my chains


10:09 PM
Day 2

A classmate of mine got into a terrible accident.
It was so bad he needed to be admitted to the ICU.
It just shows how fragile your life is. You may die in the next 3 hours without knowing.
Maybe I don't mind actually...


7:18 PM
Monday, May 30, 2011
Day 1

Start of my recovery.
First step: learn to love myself.
The most difficult step ever...
Stop crying and be strong.
It would be nice if someone could hear me out...but I'm all alone.


9:17 AM